Let's build something.

It's what was coursing through your mind before you even found us, and it's what is coursing through ours every time our fingertips hit our keyboards.

That spirit is our common ground.

Our Services

  • High-availability web & mobile applications
  • Mission-critical line-of-business systems
  • Business-to-business (B2B) systems integration
  • Enterprise systems architecture
  • Corporate web sites

The best tools for the best results

As engineers and designers, we obsess over the best tools and the best solution patterns for a given problem.

From corporate websites and landing pages to complex Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, our team of software architects, designers and developers can help you nurture your vision and bring it to life.

Your vision, realized.

Scrum is an Agile methodology for building software that results in higher quality solutions at lower costs. Some firms insist on scoping out a Big Design Up Front - or BDUF (it's so nasty there's an acronym for it) - and then exploit your past investment when things change.

We think change is good. It should be exciting and it shouldn't hurt.

All of our architects and project managers are certified through Scrum.org, and the methodology is so effective that we employ it for all projects that we manage.

Agile benefits

  • Early and continuous Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Project flexibility
  • Transparency between the development team and the project's stakeholders
  • Happy clients. Happy geeks.

Agile Coaching

Perhaps you have a strong core of technology specialists, but the idea of managing the project across Sprints, prodding your developers to open up in Retrospectives, and facilitating daily Scrums seems somewhat daunting.

Let us demystify the Agile framework for your organization and help guide you along the path of Agile fluency through our Agile Coaching services.

Move fast.

Your company has reached that stage where you need to hire full-time technical resources, but you're overwhelmed by the idea of locating, interviewing and evaluating candidates.

A natural and prominent side effect of the work we do is the cultivation of a robust network of technical talent, and the keen ability to identify and assess that talent.

Our architects have been doing precisely that for decades, and we can provide those same services to you at a fraction of the cost of your typical recruiting firm, and to greater effect.

We do far more than just match the technical jargon of a job description to that of a candidate's resume, which is a crude method of evaluation that is both commonplace and categorically unreliable.

We're not a traditional recruiter or placement agency, so we do things differently and at costs that are substantially under market.

  • Candidate referrals  If we wouldn't hire them to our own company, you'll never meet them.
  • Candidate screening  We're experts in our field, and through a carefully structured screening process, we will thoroughly assess the candidate's qualifications and potential.
  • Team assessment  As technology and methodologies rapidly change, so do your resource needs. We can identify opportunities to maximize your team's productivity and streamline responsibilities.
Rather than "spitball" as many warm bodies as we can squeeze through your door, we strive to bring you the right candidate the first time.

Precision matters.

Our Values

No corporate slogans here. At The Vatic Group, our values define who we are and how we approach our clients.

The Vatic Difference

You have an idea but you're unsure of whom to trust with it. You have several options, and each is a little overwhelming in its own regard, let alone once you weigh it against the others.

Full-time employee? Recruiter? Consulting firm?

Each option has its merits depending on the situation. Unfortunately, each option can result in unecessary bloat if not carefully planned and executed with a partner who's looking out for your interests.

We can expertly assist with all three options and help you identify which is the most appropriate given your unique circumstances.

We're idealists and we believe in absolute transparency. It's the Agile Way.

Every proposed idea and feature will be presented alongside its expected Return on Investment (ROI). This keeps your project focused on your vision.

We can't wait explore your project's possibilities: it's exciting and it's how we spread our wings. But as stewards of your vision, we'll ensure that exploration is conducted responsibly and with a defined purpose.
Large or small, every project we manage is assigned to an architect. For larger, more complex projects, this individual may be a full-time technical resource. Smaller projects may call for a mid-level or senior engineer who receives technical oversight and project direction from an architect.

Regardless, every endeavor is supported by an expert who acts as liason between you and the bits and bytes that will form the building blocks of your vision.
We've been at this for a long time, and the tools and technologies available to us - and by extension, to you - have us more excited now than ever before.

There is a certain breed of engineer who views software development, application design and the User Experience (UX) as one of the purest manifestations of creative expression.

That is who we hire, and we give them the best tools available to build world class solutions for you.

About Us

The Vatic Group was founded in 2007 in Columbus, Ohio, with the goal of eliminating the bloat that had become intrinsic to even the simplest of technology endeavors. This mantra has served as the keystone beneath the quality and efficiency of our offerings, allowing us - as well as our clients - to remain nimble and highly competitive.

Since 2007, our clients have enjoyed our streamlined project management and development processes. Our methodologies have proven themselves across a variety of sectors, including banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and government. Our solutions have encompassed marketing landing pages, Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, public-facing revenue-generation applications, and mission-critical line-of-business applications.

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